Your Calls, Your Choice:
YourMedicare Adds Dialpad to its
Growing Call Compliance Toolset

Do you need a call recording solution but don’t use an online enrollment

YourMedicare has you covered.

Dialpad is a mobile-optimized, CMS-compliant cloud-based phone system that
unifies voice and text communication, making it possible to have a single
contact number that can ring at your desk phone, smartphone, and computer,
and seamlessly record and store (for up to 10 years) all enrollment-related

Additional Dialpad benefits include:

  • Ease of use—setting up a phone number takes just a few moments and
    no training is required
  • Seamless call functionality for online phone numbers and conferences –
    just click a number and Dialpad launches the call
  • Start call recording with the click of a button, featuring an automated
    announcement by the system to all parties that recording is in progress
  • Clear, searchable storage organized by names, dates and phone
    numbers to easily recall and replay recorded calls
  • Flexibility with a mobile app and the ability to transfer live calls between
    your computer and mobile device
  • A helpful “Do Not Disturb” function for when you’re ready to log off for
    the day

Dialpad is available now at a preferred, low price of just $24 per month.

Click here to get started with Dialpad and use the discount promo code
“YourMedicare” when you sign up.

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