Coronavirus Blog

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Americans to stay at home, and the largest demographic adhering to shelter-in-place orders are older Americans. However, Americans continue to age into the Medicare system and need a safe and convenient way to enroll in Medicare insurance programs.

One of the new norms coming out of the COVID era is that insurance agents and their clients are becoming more and more comfortable with using e-signature software to finalize policy applications. Businesses across the country have implemented e-signatures to reduce in-person interactions with their clients and practice safe, social-distancing measures, and the insurance industry is no exception.

With e-signatures, agents and their clients have a safe, legal, and time-saving method to complete an insurance application. In addition, e-signatures streamline the application process, freeing up agents’ time to focus on client relationships and not on paperwork. lets agents send a link via text or email that allows clients to electronically sign their policy application forms. And as soon as clients electronically sign their applications, the policy is routed to the carrier for review and approval. No faxing or snail mail required.

Agents can learn more about’s simple e-signature feature in a video at

Along with the e-signature video, agents can also review instructional videos on the scope of appointments, creating a quote, completing enrollment, and using your personal website (PURL).