Medicare Advantage PDP Certifications

Medicare Advantage
PDP Certifications

2021 Medicare Advantage and PDP Certifications

To keep things simple, we have organized the certification instructions and requirements for the carriers offered through.

AHIP Medicare Training

We recommend getting a head start and being prepared as early as possible for the upcoming enrollment season starting October 15th. Most of our carriers will accept AHIP to cover the core training requirements. You can reach the 2021 AHIP training module by visiting the following link – AHIP Training. Best of luck this enrollment window and we look forward to offering you the products, training and resources to make your business a success.

Medicare Advantage and PDP Carrier Certification Links:


July 1st – Open Certification

August 4th-6th – Rollout

Certification Login

Rules of Engagement Handbook


June 30th – Open Certification

July 16th – Rollout

Certification Login

Certification & Recertification Guide

AHIP Guide


June 29th – Open Certification

July 29th – Rollout

Certification User Guide


July 7th – Open Certification

July 21st – Rollout

Certification Login

Training Site Guide

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