Welcome to a new era in Medicare enrollment. 

On behalf of YourMedicare, we’re excited to share our innovative new solution designed to enhance you and your prospects’ shopping and enrollment experience this AEP – introducing YourMedicare’s Telephonic Enrollment platform powered by MyMedicareBot!

As we continue to evolve in a post-Covid world, we want to provide our independent Agents the best technology to compete against the rapid influx of Telesales brokers impacting your members and prospects. With YourMedicare’s Telephonic Enrollment platform, you now have the same opportunity to improve productivity, reduce time spent traveling from appointment-to-appointment and empower you to close more business from the comfort of your own home.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Effortlessly submit applications telephonically for Aetna, Cigna, Humana and Wellcare (TBD), saving time for both you and your prospect
  • Quote, compare and help select plans faster with integrated electronic Scope of Appointment, quoting, plan comparison and enrollment capabilities
  • Manage your entire book of business to keep track of your pipeline and enrollments on a single “CRM-lite” platform with real-time update
  • Online training tools and videos are available for self-learning and practice

And the best is yet to come… Beginning in 2022, we will be adding additional carriers to the YourMedicare Telephonic Enrollment platform, as well as delivering leads directly to you throughout the year as part of our accretion and retention initiative – stay tuned!



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