Last year, AmeriLife Distribution affiliates played an important role in YourMedicareSM donating more than one million meals to Feeding America®. In fact, by November, YourMedicare surpassed its goal, and by Dec. 31, had donated 1,193,430 meals to the national non-profit.

With that incredible achievement under their belt, the team at YourMedicare said, “Let’s do it again in 2021!”

“Everyone at YourMedicare was extremely grateful to AmeriLife Distribution affiliates and agents in the field for their generous support of our Feeding America partnership,” said Matt Graham, YourMedicare’s program leader. “We set aggressive goals, not knowing that we were on the precipice of a pandemic. Unfortunately, the economic climate is still shaky, and people are still reaching out to Feeding America for assistance.”

In 2021, for every effective insurance enrollment an agent submits through the YourMedicare Enrollment Center, YourMedicare will donate 10 meals to seniors, veterans, children and families in need through Feeding America.

The YourMedicare Enrollment Center is a multi-carrier platform that allows agents to compare, quote and enroll their clients all in one convenient place. Often averaging one enrollment every 60 seconds for 12 hours straight each day, the YourMedicare Enrollment Center has positioned itself as an essential resource for productive and forward-thinking insurance agents.

According to Matt, the simplicity of the process made it easy for agents to enroll their clients while also supporting the good work of Feeding America. Agents use the YourMedicare Enrollment Center to submit the applications of their Medicare beneficiaries, and the team at YourMedicare does the rest. “This is an important cause for those of us with YourMedicare,” said Matt. “According to Feeding America, 63% of senior households served by the organization are forced to choose between paying for food or paying for medical care. Feeding America helps bridge that gap.”

Feeding America serves 7 million Americans 60 or older and nearly another 6 million adults between the ages of 50 and 59. The organization designs programs that consider health issues, transportation needs, physical limitations and dietary restrictions of older Americans who might be diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease.

“We’re excited to see how we can build on our past success to help more Americans in 2021 who are facing food insecurities,” said Matt. “We encourage agents to contact the YourMedicare team at for more information on accessing the YourMedicare Enrollment Center.”

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